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Salesforce Development Services
for SFDO Partners

We are an Education Cloud and Nonprofit Cloud certified team

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Education Cloud and Nonprofit Cloud Development Services

Education Cloud

  • Student Portal to handle questions and requests, issue documents certificates and support students with multichannel communication
  • Recruitment Portal to source candidates for studies
  • Recruitment and Admissions to manage and monitor recruitment processes
  • Learner Success nad Student Success Hub to support students
  • Student Experience to leverage students retention rates
  • Advancement CRM
  • Student Advisor Link to scale up students success
  • Courses and Offering to rise profit 
  • Education Data Architecture to capture a students 360 view
  • Alumni Engagement developed thanks to their online community
  • Applicant Engagement developed thanks to responsive and multichannel communication
  • Livelong Learning strategy based on online solutions to rise profit
  • Student Retention to foster university sustainable future
  • Student Quiet-quitting data to analyze gaps in university support actions
  • Admission Connect to helps teams engage applicants and streamline admissions management
  • Education Cloud Data Foundation to create a single source of truth based on data
  • OmniStudio Education Cloud to deploy education-specific process to enforce online interactions
  • Program Management to track students programs and services
  • Flex Cards to understand data from different sources and find matching contexts

Marketing Cloud

  • Customer Data to unify multiple sources
  • Audience Builder to segment customers in multiple dimensions
  • Customer Journeys to make them seamless
  • Marketing Channels and Touchpoints to surround every Customer
  • Marketing Content to make it dynamic and comprehensive
  • Einstein to achieve power personalization
  • Marketing Actions being triggered by real-time events
  • Messages that can be beautiful, individual and countless
  • Mobile Marketing to engage Customers
  • Social Networks to get real-time feedback
  • Marketing Clouds Advertising
  • Marketing Data to get insights from powerful dashboards
  • Interaction Studio to create real-time personalization
  • Social Studio to connect with your customers on social channels
  • Datorama to get your customer insights
  • Pardot
  • Lead Engagement that increase leads conversion
  • Lead Nurturing to to qualify your projects activities

Nonprofit Cloud

  • Salesforce for Nonprofits to organize many functions such as fundraising, marketing, and programs in one ecosystem
  • NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack)
  • Program Management to track NGO programs, services, cohorts and analyze output data
  • Fundraising platform to manage effective campaigns
  • Nonprofit Operations to integrate internal and external data on robust platform and get 360 stakeholders view
  • Donation Management to rise fund faster
  • Volunteer Grants Management to manage corporate giving programs and encourage for donating 
  • Campaigns Management to create own engaging communications as well as pre-build NGO templates
  • Payments System Integrations to make donating easy
  • CRM for Nonprofit to connect all the tools on single platform for employees, beneficiaries, volunteers
  • NPSP Data Importer to advance non-profit management based on data
  • Household Management to get the holistic view of beneficiary or patient

Consulting and Development

  • Education Cloud development to deliver digital engagement with relevant and personalized messaging, documents, and 360 view of students
  • Nonprofit Cloud development to make your NGO connected
  • Service Cloud development to connect stakeholders with their agents and effectively solve beneficiaries needs
  • Experience Cloud development to engage students and NGO stakeholder in digital environment in apps, sites, and portals 
  • Marketing Cloud development to make effective digital campaigns successful
  • LWC Development to create customized pages and functions on the Salesforce platform
  • Apex Development to execute complex business logic
  • Salesforce QA Salesforce Testing 
  • Salesforce Audits to maximize ROI from your implementation
  • Salesforce Health Check to scan security and measure its score
  • Salesforce Lightning Experience

Our value for Salesforce Education

and NGO Partner

Beginning with the first contact, each potentially interested customer will be matched with a product expert.


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Our Education and NGO Customers say about us

We would like to express our satisfaction with the high quality of services offered by Think Beyond Sp. z o.o., (...) a professional team, full of commitment and individual approach to the client. The company captivated us with its creativity and professionalism. (...) our cooperation and contact with donors will be maximally improved.

Ewelina KliśSerca dla Maluszka Foundation

Our cooperation takes place in a very pleasant atmosphere, we can always count on support and flexibility. The Think Beyond team has prepared for us an easy-to-use solution that facilitates everyday work. As a result, the time spent on data preparation and system operation was shortened.

Anne Rajska-RutkowskaGajusz Foundation

Incredible care for the client's needs, a wonderfully supportive implementation team full of willingness to help and patience. Thanks to their commitment and knowledge, the process ran as smoothly as possible. It was (and still is) a pleasure to work with.

Kamila DryjańskaSWPS University

Understanding the organization's business processes and goals makes Think Beyond a trustworthy partner in the implementation of complex Salesforce solutions.

Agata WysockaSWPS University

The knowledge and advice of specialists from Think Beyond turned out to be invaluable for my team. Especially when we were facing challenges resulting from the very complex system and business environment of the University.

Katarzyna KseniczSWPS University

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