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Salesforce Lightning Design System

Let’s tailor experiences in your Salesforce

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Captivate and engage users with our SLDS Expertise

SLDS Experience means engaging users in your Salesforce apps and platforms.

Make Salesforce users love the beauty, intuitiveness, and clarity of each interface. Your platform will never look like a template again. By leveraging Lightning Web Components, we provide limitless front-end possibilities. We create mock-ups and collaborate with UI/UX designers to deliver the best user experiences.

Elevate your Salesforce applications to new heights with SLDS capabilities

We work with cutting-edge Lightning Web Components (LWC) standards


Ready-to-use elements facilitate quick creation of solutions of various styles, sizes and purposes.


Elements can be used in many deigns and tools.


The elements meet widely accepted design and programming standards, they are “lightweight” and they reach their full functionality quickly.


Components support persons with disabilities thanks to the use of appropriate technologies and the rules of clear design.


An open solution based on JavaScript allows the use of components not only at the Salesforce platform, but also at any other framework or technological stack.


The UX Salesforce team constantly widens the SLDS range of functionality and capability, while maintaining the compatibility of previous elements and keeping them up to date.

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Success Story

Thanks to SLDS patterns, we have implemented ecommerce at SWPS University, which has become an engaging place for lifelong learning for various stakeholder groups: students, alumni, professionals, and grey market representatives.

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LWC stands for Lightning Web Components. It is a modern and lightweight programming model for building web components within the Salesforce platform. LWC utilizes standard web technologies like JavaScript and HTML, making it easy for developers to create reusable and efficient components that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce data and services.

A LWC component is a self-contained unit of functionality within the Lightning Web Components framework. It consists of a JavaScript file that defines the component's behavior, an HTML file that defines the component's structure, and a CSS file that defines the component's styling. LWC components can be used to build various user interface elements, such as buttons, forms, tables, and more, and they can be easily reused and combined to create complex applications within the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Adrian Gawryszewski

Head of Technology and Salesforce Architect