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With our expertise and Salesforce’s cutting-edge solutions, we empower automotive companies to thrive in a highly competitive market.

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Whether you’re a dealership, manufacturer, or automotive service provider, we offer a wide range of services to optimize your operations and drive success.

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Master Data Management

The automotive industry needs master data management (MDM) to enhance the consistency and quality of the key data assets: customer information, vehicle information, and consent for data processing.

The consolidation of crucial customer data emerges as a golden record that can be centrally and locally managed, and is readily accessible throughout the organization within legal constraints.

This single source of truth supports their business processes related to customer and/or vehicle data, such as sales, aftersales, requests and complaints, marketing campaigns and more. It helps identify patterns in customer tourism and stop misinformation in the automotive industry.

Marketing Consents

To navigate the complex landscape of data privacy regulations, collected on many levels locally and regionally, the automotive industry must manage consents.

A robust consent management system allows automotive businesses to handle customer data transparently, regardless of which channel they use. This enables them to build and maintain strong relationships while adhering to privacy standards.

Customer Feedback

Salesforce facilitates the seamless integration of surveys into multiple processes, allowing car dealers to gather valuable insights from diverse interactions, including drive tests, sales transactions, and service experiences.

This approach gives a complete picture of customer satisfaction and areas where improvements can be made.

Production Order Management

The automotive industry relies on tools to streamline order management processes. Salesforce ensures a smooth flow of information from car order validation to sending orders for production. This improves the accuracy and efficiency of the order fulfillment process.

The platform provides instant visibility into the production and delivery stages, providing car dealers with real-time status checks. Order management system enhances transparency, expedites order processing, and contributes to customer satisfaction within the automotive sector.

Lead Management

A Lead Management System (LMS) is essential for optimizing customer touchpoints and activities in the automotive industry. This solution provides a comprehensive approach to efficient lead management by integrating all third-party lead sources into a well-organized platform.

Car dealers remain informed about customer engagements by gaining complete visibility across every online interaction through this integration.

The Salesforce tools provide a comprehensive solution for handling new car stocks, used cars, and trade-in vehicles.

Dealers can seamlessly manage stocks at an individual dealer level, across dealer groups, and even on a national scale. This ensures real-time visibility, streamlined inventory tracking, and effective coordination, which contributes to a well-organized and optimized vehicle stock management process within the automotive sector.

The booking system simplifies the appointment process for test drives. It is easy to select a dealer location, choose a vehicle and pick a suitable time slot.

To facilitate a seamless test drive experience, the system ensures compliance with various regulations, including a clean appearance, a fully fueled vehicle, mechanical soundness, and adherence to kilometer limits.

Salesforce tools for quote configuration enable sales representatives to effortlessly modify vehicle specifications, features, and options following customer preferences. Information on the availability of specific models, colors, and accessories is synchronized with inventory management.

When integrated with the CRM platform, it facilitates access to customer preferences, purchase history, and interactions by car dealers, thereby enhancing the personalization of quotations. The goal of quote configuration is to provide the right quote to the right customer.

A dealer management system (DMS) streamlines dealership functions with solutions for a close collaboration between sales, financing, and service operations. It combines essential tools into one platform and supports auto dealers with managing inventory, creating invoices, accessing service history, and following up on leads without having to navigate multiple solutions.

In Salesforce, car dealers can store and organize all essential documents, including contracts, invoices, acceptance reports, consents, and customer records. It facilitates the digitization of workflows that rely heavily on paper to enhance data organization.

Integration with electronic signature platforms permits electronic signatures on documents.

These features are backed by robust access controls, enabling dealerships to establish who is authorized to access, modify, or delete specific documents.

Connect production order management to your sales to assess the viability of the car offer, delivery conditions, and production progress.

With Salesforce, you can add tools like computer telephony integration (CTI), SMS gateways, and third-party payments to the car system. As a result, you get a unified ecosystem that makes communication, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency better.

By unifying these services within a single platform, dealerships can receive insurance and finance offers for customers who want to buy a car with just a few clicks.

This greatly improves the entire financing and insurance workflow, facilitates document generation, and creates a customer-centric experience within dealership operations.


Volkswagen was looking for a way to get a comprehensive overview and establish a single data source (a single point of truth).

MDM allowed the company to standardize its master data and provide a unified view of the information that is sourced from multiple points within the organization.

As a result, customer data is stored in a certain way and only accessible to specific users within the organization or to third parties, in compliance with the company’s commitment to safeguard the confidentiality of personal data.


Toyota implemented Salesforce solutions to enhance its marketing campaigns and provide more targeted and personalized communications to its clients.

This case study demonstrates how our solution enables effective lead tracking and fosters a streamlined process for engaging potential customers.

As a consequence, Toyota has observed a significant rise in customer engagement and sales.

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