Viva! Foundation Action for animals - founded in 1994 by Juliet Gellatley, an international organization dealing with the protection of animal rights, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. The mission of the Foundation is charitable and educational activity in the field of care and assistance to homeless, abandoned or cruelly treated animals.


The Foundation struggled with the problem of multiple data sources that required lengthy on-the-spot analyses. Also, the process of preparing the mail merge was carried out manually. In this situation, a solution was needed that would allow to collect information about donors and their payments in one place, as well as facilitate communication with them while automating some processes.

Full knowledge of payments, their sources and regularity of receipts is crucial for most of the Foundation's operational activities. It allows for better planning of the next steps and initiatives, as well as for estimating the possibility of providing assistance not only in a given month, but also in the longer term.

Solution, based on many years of cooperation with organizations from the third sector, has developed a package of tools that meets most of the organization's needs. NPSP, or NonProfit Success Pack, focuses on several management areas. Standard solutions enable the creation of 360-degree views of Donors and their surroundings, tracking and estimating contributions (divided into campaigns and specific sources), as well as supporting cooperation with Volunteers.

The solution was based on the appropriate configuration of functions available in NPSP (Salesforce Non Profit Cloud) and Salesforce Service Cloud and took into account:

  • aggregation of data from:
    – bank statements from 10 accounts,
    – payment systems from 2019,
    – Tax Office.
  • normalization and deduplication of the deposit database
  • creating a 360-degree view of Donors along with their households (consisting of people from the immediate environment, also undertaking activities – e.g. payments, volunteering, related to a common address of residence or bank account number) and their donations for individual Viva! campaigns!</li >
  • reporting and analytics – custom-configured reports on donors’ target groups based on their donations
  • preparation of mailing lists (serial correspondence), including current donors and enabling partial automation as part of the 1% Campaign
  • training of the Foundation’s team in the use of the system

Business effect

Better access to information translated directly into easier and more effective everyday work of the foundation. The mail merge process has become faster and less error-prone. Organizing the database, in turn, made the information available more valuable and enabled better management of the Foundation's tasks and plans.

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