Recruitment and admission platform for SWPS University

SWPS University is a modern research and teaching center offering interdisciplinary studies in the field of social sciences and humanities.


Providing candidates and students with a high level of service in electronic form

Automation of manual processes

Increase candidate self-service level

Conducting the transition student service system to a modern form, fully enabling tracking of learning progress, efficient and accessible.

Digital transformation of processes related to the acquisition of candidates for studies, acceptance of their applications, assessment and full recruitment process.

  • Ensuring smooth handling and processing of applications from candidates for studies (in one recruitment, the university records over 25,000 applications);
  • Streamlining the process of obtaining data on candidates for studies and students;
  • Improvement of communication processes with Dean’s Offices, academic teachers and Scholarships service;
  • Reducing the level of labor intensity of recruitment processes by replacing the circulation of paper documents with electronic ones.


  1. Salesforce based recruitment platform
  2. Recruitment portal providing full access to the designed functionalities both from a computer and mobile devices
  3. Full (360 degrees) view of the candidate’s profile, including: all applications, documents, processes and communication history
  4. Managing issues submitted by candidates to general university emails
  5. Managing cases and inquiries submitted by candidates via the recruitment portal
  6. Flexible configuration of recruitment processes, documents and certificates required from students at various stages of recruitment
  7. A clear and expressive form of presenting the current status of recruitment campaigns
  8. Automation of communication with candidates (possibility to set up to 200 automatic messages sent by the Salesforce system)
  9. SIS integration
  10. Implementation of a digital mode of concluding a contract between students and the university

Business Effect

  1. 20% increase in the number of recruited candidates
  2. Providing candidates with a better experience and a higher level of self-service in the new system
  3. Reduction of manual processes and the need to deliver paper documents
  4. Possibility for candidates to arrange their own dates for interviews, both stationary and online
  5. Better level of knowledge verification and candidate examination process management
  6. Improving communication between the university and the candidate as well as individual organizational units involved in the recruitment and admission process
  7. Collection of a significant volume of diverse data, which allowed to improve decision-making processes at all levels (from a single case, through courses, directions, locations, up to university level)
  8. Shortening the time from the candidate’s application to the final admission decision
  9. Strengthening the market image of the university as a modern educational institution
  10. Implementation of the first fully digital recruitment process (thanks to the introduction of the possibility of concluding a digital contract)

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