Employee evaluation for SWPS University

SWPS University is a modern research and teaching center offering interdisciplinary studies in the field of social sciences and humanities.


Universities are obliged to evaluate the professional activity of academic teachers and researchers in annual or biennial cycles. The didactic, scientific and research as well as organizational areas are assessed. The process should take into account many variables, such as the academic degree or professional path of a given employee (research or teaching). So far, the evaluation has been carried out in the document flow mode in paper or combined digital and paper versions. This generated additional costs, hindered and slowed down the process. The purpose of the change was to digitize, automate the possible stages, speed up and simplify the formal path (filling out, submitting documentation, appeal procedures, etc.), all activities attributable to employees.


  • The process has been moved to the university’s internal platform, built on Salesforce Community
  • Employees log into the portal using the same credentials that allow them to access other university IT tools.
  • The employee evaluation form is available on the portal, in order to send data for evaluation, it is necessary to complete all required fields. The entire report processing process takes place on the portal. The subsequent stages of the procedure are communicated by means of notifications sent to the e-mail accounts of the appropriate persons (the assessed employee or his superior, the evaluating person).
  • The correctness of the process is supervised by administrators: one person for each department, with access to Salesforce, but with the ability to view only the data of the unit they represent.
  • Two people have super administrator rights, which means that they can see everything (they represent the Vice-Rector’s office), so they can watch over the correctness of the process at the university level.
  • As part of the process configuration, mechanisms were prepared to send notifications from Salesforce to employees, as well as reminders (appropriate to the stage of the process, e.g. about the need to fill out a form, supplementing missing data, evaluation of a subordinate employee, informing about obtaining an evaluation, etc.).
  • Evaluation confirmation is based on system signatures. An action is required (a signed-in user clicks to confirm that he/she has read the information) on both sides (assessor and subject to assessment)
  • On the portal, it is also possible to conduct an appeal procedure against the obtained grade.
  • For the needs of reporting, a custom solution has also been prepared for generating reports in XLS format, containing a summary of information (adequate to the level of permissions of a given administrator).
  • Currently, an additional, custom tool is being prepared that allows you to print data directly from Salesforce and generate reports on a specific path.
  • The solution has been integrated with the internal IT system, the database of employees and students (VDO).
  • Forms that are displayed for individual people contain some data, filled in based on their login data, based on all data available in SF thanks to integration with VDO (e.g. name, surname, academic degree, unit, etc.).
  • In addition to the automatic course of the process – launched at one time for all employees subject to assessment in a given settlement period – it is also possible to trigger the process for a specific person.

Business effect

Acceleration, simplification and partial automation of the employee appraisal process

Higher quality of information retrieved

Reduce the circulation of paper documents

Reduction of costs and burdens for administrative staff

Reduction of documents archived in physical form.

Ensuring the security of employees’ personal data and confidentiality of the process

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