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Genesys Cloud CX for Salesforce

Maximize your Salesforce service operation with Genesys Cloud CX CTI integration.

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Genesys Cloud CX and Salesforce – Best CTI Solution

We explored different computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions for Salesforce, fully immersing ourselves in the evaluation process. This effort guided us toward a clear choice – Genesys Cloud CX emerged as the standout selection.

Salesforce and Genesys Cloud CX are leaders in their fields, according to Gartner. Genesys Cloud CX brings the best telephony capabilities to meet your needs and enhance the customer experience.

We are a proud partner of Salesforce and Genesys Cloud CX

Utilize the full potential of both platforms and set yourself ahead of the competition. We will guide you through a seamless integration of Salesforce and Genesys Cloud CX for optimal results.

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Real-time Analytics

Gain a comprehensive, unified view of your customer touchpoints across platforms.

Transform your workspace with dynamic wallboards that display real-time data. This helps you to manage and execute customer experience and expectations.

Use performance monitoring and reporting. Track key metrics and trends effortlessly, enabling you to exploit the power of Salesforce and Genesys Cloud CX integration.

Optimized Operations

Track key performance indicators (KPIs), providing valuable insights into your call center’s performance.

Create a cohesive contact center environment that optimizes processes, boosts productivity, and elevates overall service quality.

Develop a 360-degree view in Salesforce by aggregating all data about activities performed by your team in Genesys Cloud CX.

Omnichannel Approach

Use the Genesys Cloud CX capabilities for managing all inbound and outbound calls.

Provide customers with a unified and cohesive experience, regardless of whether they interact through email, social media, phone calls, chat, in-person visits, or any other channel.

Operate across multiple communication channels in a consistent and integrated manner.

Achieve full compliance with Salesforce standards with no-code connectivity, allowing you to establish an efficient connection with Genesys Cloud CX in just a few minutes.

Inbound and Outbound Services

Unlock the combined potential of industry leaders: Salesforce and Genesys Cloud CX.

Smoothly integrate these platforms to ensure a consistent customer experience across diverse communication channels.

Provide phone capabilities for Salesforce and streamline inbound and outbound services within Genesys Cloud CX integration.

Manage with ease all calls as they are automatically logged into Salesforce, including custom information and activity.

Call Center Management

Streamline customer interactions with an interactive voice response (IVR) system, guiding callers to the appropriate resources and information.

Use Salesforce input to deliver personalized service by intelligently routing interactions to the most suitable agents.

Execute your governance seamlessly with customizable controls and call recordings, enabling you to align call center operations with your specific business processes and standards.

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Our case study on CTI integration

We integrated Salesforce and Genesys Cloud CX to create a call center for students and candidates at SWPS University. It was one of the key elements of student support system.
Designed paths directed calls to more than 100+ dedicated specialists who handled call routing for over 20,000 students and candidates. We based the routing on defined roles and skills to make the best use of the team’s competencies.
The result is a modern call center that can respond immediately to candidates and student inquiries.
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Adrian Gawryszewski

Head of Technology and Salesforce Architect