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Salesforce for Finances and Insurance

Salesforce Financial Cloud is a platform that offers a set of integrated tools designed for financial institutions.

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Customers expect a high-quality experience in all consumer transactions.

Financial institutions should take care of preparing and implementing the best possible digital service tools.

Both mobile and desktop applications, as well as domain systems implemented in a given organization become useful.

All these elements should be linked in terms of data and communication.

Solutions for insurance: effective management of an insurance institution requires constant care in many areas

What can we do for you?

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

  • access to data from all customer products (loans, investments, insurance)
  • integration of information in the form of a 360-degree view
  • analysis of the hierarchy of relationships between individual clients
  • sales funnel management
  • view of the customer’s full life path (including where he was acquired from)
  • automatic assignment of leads to employees
  • tips on personalizing the offer for a specific customer (another offer, products supplementing the portfolio)


As in the case of other financial services, these also underwent significant digitization. From the point of view of the institution, it is crucial to determine the level of risk incurred in the event of a positive decision. For the consumer or organization wishing to obtain additional funds, clarity and speed of the process (minimum number of formal steps, clear terms and conditions collected in a simple contract, handling documents in digital form or other tools allowing for carrying out transactions without a physical visit to the institution). Appropriate IT tools, based on the possibilities available within the Salesforce platform, will satisfy the needs of all process participants thanks to:

  • conducting marketing campaigns, targeted precisely at specific recipients (positioning tools, look alike, behavioral targeting)
  • lead management and analysis of their sources
  • managing the sales process (assigning appropriate shopping and consumer paths, upselling and cross selling suggestions, next best offer)
  • management of the network of advisors and agents (including division and hierarchy of roles, access to information for each of them, division into regions, reports on actions taken)
  • automation of sales activities and customer service (e.g. notifications or messages sent by the system to the appropriate person in connection with specific situations on their clients’ accounts: inactivity, payment delays, the approaching end of the contract, etc.)
  • contract renewals
  • ensuring the possibility of conducting processes (valuations, concluding contracts) 100% remotely (using online solutions, SMS, telephone)
  • electronic contracts, repayment schedules and other solutions supporting both the client and his supervisor on the company’s side
  • integration with banking systems and internal programs
  • providing support and advice available through communication channels preferred by customers (omnichannel approach)
  • reporting in various areas (customer activity, activities carried out by individual agents, expiring contracts and upcoming renewals
  • client portals (the ability to track the history of your contracts, control and download repayment schedules, other activities initiated by the client)

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