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Cloud-light process management

Efficient university management requires care for many areas: organizational, financial and reporting.

There is a tool that allows you to collect key processes in one place and significantly increase the level of control over them. “Digital campus” is a modern, integrated solution based on the Salesforce platform.

Support university 2.0 with a class 4.0 solution

Digital campus

The solution works in the “cloud” and is available from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) with Internet access, without the need to install additional software and invest in infrastructure.

The uniform solution is used by candidates, students, graduates and employees.

Implementation can be carried out in many ways – from selected areas or processes, through a plan of gradual integration and taking over the functions of the tools used so far, to a global change.

What can we do for you?

Administrative support

How can you improve and partially automate administrative processes that take into account many aspects?

The Central Database is helpful, aggregating all information and providing a holistic view. Collecting data in one place reduces the number of reporting processes and translates into the ability to make better decisions in less time.


How to increase the flow of candidates and improve the level of their recruitment experience?

Personalized and automated marketing campaigns will reach candidates with information about the university’s offer. The moment and frequency of communication are important to success. Equally important is the appearance of the recruitment system and the intuitiveness of its use. Most candidates for higher education are used to systems and applications that meet high standards of applied design. In market solutions, great attention is paid to the user experience, providing him with the most simplified and possibly pleasant process (registration, purchase, etc.). Recruitment should be approached in exactly the same way.

Career's Office

A developed network of cooperation with employers is one of the factors of the university’s market success. How to make the offer of the Career Office bring benefits to students and companies to provide more offers?

Effective position and student management is key, ensuring maximum alignment in terms of both parties’ expectations. To achieve such an effect, it is necessary to have a solution that not only stores announcements (requirements) and student profiles (competences, skills), but also effectively adjusts them and learns from successes and mistakes in the comparisons made. A virtual platform enabling employers to contact students, coordinated by persons responsible for the Career Office, allows for the implementation of attractive internships as part of studies. The process is facilitated by “digital formalities”, such as e-contracts.

CRM for Education

Requirements for higher education institutions have changed significantly in recent years. Emphasis has been shifted to research and research and development works carried out in cooperation with entrepreneurs. A practical profile of the fields of study, implementation doctorates, subsidies and ministerial projects aimed at cooperation between science and business appeared. The management of the above areas may be supported by an appropriate IT tool. CRM-type systems are used to manage relationships in an organized, effective manner and to achieve maximum benefits from cooperation with other entities. This applies to both representatives of business and various types of institutions.

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