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Salesforce frontend design

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We are a SALESFORCE Partner

As Think Beyond, we became a Salesforce partner at the beginning of our business in 2018. However, our design experience extends far beyond.
We worked for Salesforce’s biggest Partners and Customers on the most sophisticated and demanding projects. That’s how we understood we want to build our own company to implement Salesforce principles in our own backyard. We feature sophisticated technological expertise and collaboration standards and we expect the same from our partners. We created a Team of consultants, developers and architects with high awareness of business needs in various industries.
The solutions available within the Salesforce platform enable organizations to increase performance of their processes in virtually all business areas. Our tools are highly sophisticated in terms of technology. They use Artificial Intelligence algorithms, for example.

Our services

Needs analysis

Good understanding of processes, needs and business goals is essential for a project to succeed. Discuss your goals with us. We will tailor solutions to accelerate you on your way to accomplish them.

Salesforce Consulting

We provide advice on optimizing and automating business processes using IT tools. Let’s talk about the possibilities. See how we can support you.

Managed Services

Need support from an experienced Salesforce consultant or a complete design team? We will fit our Team’s competencies to your situation. Just tell us about your project.

Maintenance and development

How to keep up with the changing business environment and constantly provide your customers and partners with the greatest experience? We will take care for continuously providing tools to support your business processes.

Salesforce implementations

No matter the implementation scale, you can always count on our full engagement. We will prepare solutions meeting not only your current needs. Following a development strategy? Perfect! We will include the indicated directions.

Salesforce Lightning Design System

Would you like to take more care of the quality of systems' user experience (UX)? Give your Salesforce tools an even better look? Increase their functionalities? 
Reach for SLDS solutions.

Dive into Salesforce possibilities

Yes, let's talk!

Industry solutions


Consumers expect advanced solutions. They expectations grow higher and higher, and they are very critical in terms of the level of service (including contact center, complains, buyer support), the scope of self-service and comfort. 
Run multichannel communication with the customer (using LiveChat, chatbots, phone, text messages, e-mail, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and others). Gain 360 degree view of the customer and their buying history, matters and communication. Make your query, order, return and complaint service more reliable. Manage personalized marketing communication, analyze your actions’ performance based on artificial intelligence
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Non profit

One of the biggest challenges for NGOs is sourcing funds necessary to fulfill statutory goals. The key is to reach potential Donors and high quality relations with the actual ones.
Salesforce has developed an extremely efficient set of functionalities tailored to the characteristics of a particular public benefit institution. They allow for combining processes concerning fundraising, activity management and volunteers in one place, while maintaining the highest level of data security.
Moreover, these tools are available on exceptionally favorable conditions.
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Universities are under massive transformation. This applies to research, teaching, as well as administration and accounting alike. At the same time, subsequent grades demand higher and higher level of experience during enrollment and education.
Salesforce Education Cloud is a scalable, modular solution for higher education facilities. It includes enrollment process tools (including curriculum contracts and payments), monitoring learning progress, evaluation of teaching, student retention, to further relationships with alumni and the university’s social-economic environment.
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Automotive industry

A car evokes many associations and emotions. The aim of dealer chains is to manage communication and sales in such a way, to bring the best possible experience to the customer (both business and individual).
Salesforce has developed a set of tools supporting dealer chains in processing business and individual orders, as well as in maintaining relationships with customers. The CRM platform enables configuration precisely reflecting particular processes (e.g. Lead2Order), allowing for their development, enhancement and automation.
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Finances and insurance

What customers need most in financial and insurance services, is the sense of security. At the same time, comfortable solutions are important, which make paperwork shorter and simpler.
Using tools from Salesforce, you can create clear and precise catalogs of services and offers, 360 degree views on all transaction parties, while maintaining full control with real-time process tracking. The platform ensures strict access control and the highest data security level.
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Your business

We haven’t mentioned your industry? Don’t worry – our competencies extend far beyond the examples provided. Thanks to accomplished projects from diverse market segments and thorough knowledge concerning Salesforce platform solutions, we can support automation of various business processes. 
Want to enhance customer service? 
Manage your field associate better? 
Have your logistics solutions covered?
Let’s meet up, discuss your needs, work out some solutions.

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