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Manage the Lead2Order process, leads, test drive calendar, car stocks and offers

Individual Salesforce tools allow you to manage sales and communication in the automotive sector on many levels. Solutions can be implemented both centrally and locally. They will help to streamline or automate processes.

Enjoy driving.

In 2020, the decrease in sales of new cars amounted to approx. 23%, and used cars – 10-15%. Currently, the challenge is to stabilize production due to the lower availability of raw materials.

However, there is also good news: the segment of cars with electric and hybrid drives is gaining ground. In the shadow of the pandemic, interest in spacious family cars, which are an alternative to public transport, has also increased.

The market presence of global producers favors the dispersion of representative offices on local markets. Transferring responsibility for sales and customer service to showrooms brings both benefits and challenges at different levels. It is popular to implement IT tools in representative offices that optimize sales and post-sales procedures. It can also be problematic to pass on process guidelines and ways of enforcing them to the teams of individual showrooms.
Often, the number of IT solutions used, their archaic character, limits the operational possibilities of sellers. We implement Salesforce for Automotive tools designed for the new chellenges of the industry.

What can we do for you?

Lead and customer management

  • lead capture
  • assignment of leads to agents
  • lost lead management
  • management of marketing consents
  • lead qualification and scoring
  • Master Data Management
  • GDPR / GDPR / marketing consents
  • data quality management
  • customer lifecycle management
  • customer categorization and scoring
  • case management

Management of meeting and test drive calendars

  • test drive calendar
  • searching for free test drive slots
  • signing up for test drives via sales support/hotline
  • communication to the client
  • communication to the seller
  • driving satisfaction surveys

Sales processes

  • generating offers
  • saving prepared configurations under a given offer
  • discount support
  • handling the processes of repurchasing a used car as part of the purchase settlement
  • accessories sales service
  • handling the offer acceptance process
  • monitoring the life cycle of the offer, automating tasks for the seller
  • automatic assignment of sales statuses
  • generating suggestions for complementary products or subsequent offers
    automation of tasks (e.g. a call to the customer 2 weeks after picking up the car)
  • integration with insurance systems
  • integration with banking systems
  • integration with DMS

Car stock management

  • stock management (squares, garages, places)
  • car search in stock
  • assigning appropriate cars to a given stock
  • implementation of the stock hierarchy (dealer stock, dealer group stock, national stock, etc.)
  • sharing cars from a given stock with other showrooms


  • automation of e-mail sending (confirmation of rides, invitations to rides, special campaign in the showroom (open days, etc.), sending an offer, sending confirmation of a meeting in the showroom)
  • automation of internal e-mails
  • integration with the website, selected landing pages, social media profiles
  • CTI integrated with the CRM database and the system supporting marketing activities
  • integration with SMS gateway
  • integrations with survey systems (e.g. satisfaction surveys)
  • integrations with marketing systems (e.g. email marketing, marketing automation)

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